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Take the boat to Ulvön by the High Coast and stay overnight at Ulvö Hotell. At Granö Beckasin you spend the night up among the tree tops with a view of the beautiful and powerful river Umeälven. 

Glasbruket Resort (Glassworks)

Thanks to the modern building being equipped with a glassed-in patio, you can also admire the environment on bitingly cold days from indoor – or why not relax on the patio in the luxurious outdoor spa which is kept at a comfortable temperature. And of course, in the relaxing Finnish sauna.

Cook your own food in our fully equipped kitchen, or order catering. We can also pre-fill the fridge according to your wishes. The beds are always kept made a final cleaning is included.

Some activities that can be arranged: Fishing whitefish and salmon with professional fishermen, hunting, sailing, motorboating (300€/week), jet-ski, snowmobile, Segway (min. 8 pers), hiking, mutual barbecue place, massages, guided biking- groups, stand up paddle surfing (40€/day), beach volleyball, rowboat etc.

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Glasbruksvägen 280, Nykarleby, Finland

Granö Beckasin

Granö Beckasin is a Nature’s Best-certified ecotourism Lodge situated by the Umeälven-river in the Swedish Lapland’s beautiful wilderness. The unique tree houses with a complete bathroom offer everything you expect of a hotel room with high standards. The ECO-hotel’s 12 rooms are built with sustainable resources. The 8 cabins (25m2) with hotel standard include even a little kitchen.

Tours and trips to cultural sites are combined with practical lectures. Bicycle tours with luggage transportation. Build your own timber raft like Huckleberry Fin and ride on the calm river Umeälven. Wild water rafting on the river Vindelälven (the best in Europe). Guided tours like Riverpearls-safaris, Moose- safaris, Dog-sledge on wheels, hiking and more.

Cultural manners and practices of northern Sweden’s settlers and Sámi: Historical touring and baking settlers’ bread . Natural medicine – exploring the regions herbs. Winter – light and landscape: Dog-sledge touring, northern lights tours, snowmobile tours, snow shoe hiking and cross-country ski.

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Västanå 15, Granö, Sweden

Ulvö Hotel

A unique hotel in a unique location. Ulvön is located in Höga Kusten’s outer archipelago and is also known as the Pearl of Bothnia. Ulvöhamn Harbour is well protected on the north side of Ulvön, in the Ulvösundet sound. Wake up where the sky meets the sea in rooms characterized by careful design and a focus on hospitality. The hotel’s well-known restaurants have a penchant for cooking local produce with passion and creativity. An experience beyond the ordinary.

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Ulvö Hamngata 105 Ulvöhamn, Sweden

Stora Hotellet Best Western Premier Collection

This completely renovated iconic hotel, established in 1895, has been fully redeveloped around the modern and diverse travelers lifestyle and requirements. Stora Hotellet is located next to the Town Hall and integrated with Väven, the city’s new cultural arena. The hotel’s restaurant, cocktail bar and lounge is destined to become the city’s vibrant meeting point for hotel guests and local residents alike. Stora Hotellet features 82 rooms, including 6 Junior Suites and a One-Bedroom Suite.


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Storgatan 46, Umeå


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