Integrity and cookie policy

We care about your privacy

When you visit our website, some personal data are collected. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy – here follows a description about what information we may collect about you and how we will use that information.


When you visit our website, we automatically and anonymously collect personal data such as IP-number. This data is used for our marketing tools Facebook and Google to ensure the best experience for visitors on our website.


  • To fulfill legal obligations.
  • To target marketing.

According to current regulations personal data may only be gathered for “a special purpose and with legitimate goals”. Personal data need to be treated accordingly. To legitimately treat personal data we need legal reasons for our treatment. We only use one of the following grounds to treat personal data.

  • The treatment is necessary due to legal obligations.
  • The treatment is necessary due to legitimate interest from Kvarken Destinations and the personal interests are not of higher value according to us.
  • The treatment is made according to your consent.

For our business to function properly, it is necessary for us to treat some personal data.

To target marketing
We use different kinds of personal data to personalize our marketing efforts. We can communicate with you via our website, Google, Facebook and other websites. We also gather anonymized personal information for statistical purpose. We always anonymize as much data as possible.

To fulfill legal obligations
We treat personal data to fulfill our legal obligations in Finland and Sweden where our business is located.


We gather data when you visit our website to gather statistics and perform direct marketing. We also use cookies (read more in section 6, “Cookies”).

We gather personal data via cookies in Google analytics and Facebook analytics.

We never sell personal data. All data are stored encrypted according to rules and regulations. We store personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill our commitments and legal obligations.


Within our organization to fulfill our commitments and in some cases our partners. Our partners are using the personal information with care and according to our instructions and in compliance with rules and regulations.

Examples on partners we share personal data with are consultants for marketing and production partners. We are only sharing data necessary to fulfill our commitments. We never sell personal data.


Removal – the right to be “forgotten”
Limiting of treatment
Portability of data

You have the right to know what we are doing with your personal data. For example which data we are storing, how it is used and why. In some cases you also have the right to have your personal information removed, changed or blocked.

If you wish to enforce your rights, please contact us on You will get a response within 14 days.


What are cookies?
On our website we use cookies. A cookie is a small textfile stored on your own computer device when visiting our website. Cookies are used for some functions to work properly, enhance the experience for the visitor on the website or provide statistics. We do not gather personal information connected to you as a person. Information about the visitor cannot be tracked via cookies. A cookie cannot start a program.

Different types of cookies
Our website uses three different kinds of cookies. The first one stores permanent files on the visiting computer assisting the website in functioning better at speed for example or remembering choices made or gathering the updated versions of the website.

The second type is called a session cookie. It stores temporary settings and choices made during the visit on the website and is deleted as soon as the browser is closed.

The third type gathers statistics on the usage of the website. All statistic is anonymized and cannot be tied to you as a person. This type is also used for customizing marketing material based on the use of our website.

Allow or deny cookies
You can choose yourself to allow or deny cookies. If you want to deny cookies you can do it in your browser settings on your computer device. Most browsers accept all cookies as a standard setting.

Deny all cookies
Most browsers allow you to deny all cookies. More information about how to change these settings regarding cookies can be found in the help-menu in your browser.

If you deny cookies, our website may not function properly.

Additional information

Kvarken Destinations is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the website content.

Contact information

If at any time you wish to contact Kvarken Destinations with
a question or complaint or to exercise any of the rights set out
in this integrity and cookie policy, please send us an e-mail at We get back to you as soon as we can.


License Information
Before you download and use videos, image or text from Kvarken Destinations Content Bank, please read our License information.

All videos, image or text may be used free of charge by anyone working with, presenting or promoting Kvarken as a travel destination. The videos, image or text may not be edited in any way. Marketing of other products or services is prohibited such as, for example commercial guide books or consumer products.

The user of a video, image or text must:
1) Download the video, image or text himself/herself from Kvarken Destinations Content Bank and accept the License Information. The video, image or text may not be transferred to third parties.
2) Always publish the name of the photographer in the following manner: name of photographer/Kvarken Destinations Content Bank (If there is no photographer connected to the image – just write: Kvarken Destinations Content Bank). Where no indication of name has been provided, the user may be charged for the omission of the creator’s and/or rights holder’s name.
3) Use the videos, image or text properly. The videos, image or text may not be used in any manner or context which might be perceived as offensive, misleading or illegal (for example pornographic or obscene). The images may not be used in such manner that may offend or be libellous to the photographer and/or people depicted in the image.

Kvarken Destinations reserves the right to prohibit a specific user from using the videos, image or text provided in Kvarken Destinations Content Bank. This can be made without any further explanation and the user shall then delete the downloaded video, image or text and remove (to the extent that it is possible) the video, image or text from where it is used. Kvarken Destinations is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the website content.