Nature & activities

Pure nature meets pure fun!

Nature is Kvarken Destinations’ greatest asset. Enjoy the open sea, towering mountains, deep forests and wide expanses! Hiking and biking through the horizontal lowlands of Kvarken, going vertical at the High Coast, rafting in Vindelälven or exploring some lighthouse islands, are just a few of the popular activities.

An adventure among waves and rapids with Forsknäckarna

TEPEES, Aurora Borealis Adventures

Guided tours like Riverpearls-safaris, Moose- safaris, Dog-sledge etc.

Rock carvings at Nämforsen

Hotell Hallstaberget

Höga Kusten Turer


Naturum Höga Kusten

Guide hiking tours with Höga Kusten Walkabout

Hotel Kivitippu and the Meteorite crater lake

Älgens Hus

A Moose

Glasbruket resort

Öja – Fisherman village

Wanha Tupa

Granö Beckasin

Kalle’s Inn

Cycling or kajaking in Vaasa Archipelago

Aurora Borealis Adventure

Emmes Retreat

Tankar lighthouse island

Forsknäckarna – adventure and wilderness camp