Nature activities meet amusement parks

Kvarken Destinations offers families lots of possibilities to do things together, to stay connected and strengthen their bond! Some popular activities: Build your own timer raft and ride on the calm river Umeälven. Or have a lot of fun in the amusement park Powerpark with its over 40 rides.

Älgens Hus – The Moose Farm for all ages

Junsele zoo

Västernorrlands länsmuseum

Hotell Hallstaberget

Ähtäri Zoo


Nanoq – Arctic village

Hotel Kivitippu and the Meteorite crater lake

Glasbruket resort

Öja – Fisherman village

Wanha Tupa

Granö Beckasin

Tyynelän Tontut -The Elves in Tyynelä

Aurora Borealis Adventure

Tankar lighthouse island